Start Here

The recipes on Fodder for Foodies include a few handy tools to facilitate your cooking.

Navigating the recipes

To start with, all of the recipes are organised into one of 8 possible categories:

  • Devils on Horseback: bits, dips and spreads to serve with drinks or as a starter for informal entertaining.
  • Stable Soups: smooth, chunky and chilled soups for a simple lunch, satisfying supper or sophisticated starter.
  • Free Style Salads: salad suggestions and great pairings
  • Under Starters Orders: starters, light lunches, simple suppers — some are vegetarian too.
  • Mane Courses: meat, poultry, game and fish both casseroled and roasted.
  • Vaulting Veggies: a mix of vegetarian recipes and side dishes for your manes
  • Sliding stop sweets: a variety of truly memorable desserts, cakes and biscuits.
  • Back Up Basics: both sweet and savoury recipes for your reference

To view all of the recipes in a single category, just click “browse” in either the sidebar recipe search tool or at the top of the recipes page.

Using the recipe tools

Each recipe on this site comes with a handful of tools to facilitate your cooking.

  • Printing: in the top right-hand corner of each recipe, there is a large print icon that will allow you to choose which information you’d like printed as part of the recipe before printing it.
  • Full screen: again in the top right-hand corner of each recipe, there is an icon with 4 arrows pointing in different directions. Clicking this will display the recipe for you in full screen.
  • Quantities calculator: each recipe tells you how many servings it will yield. If you would like to double/half/etc. the recipe, you can do so by clicking on the serving quantity and choosing the appropriate option from the dropdown. The ingredient quantities will automatically update for you.
  • Ingredient checklist: to the left of each ingredient is a checkbox you can click during prep to ensure that you have everything in place before you start the recipe.
  • Timers: you will often find links that look like this throughout the recipes on here: 15 seconds. Clicking them will start a timer pre-set to the correct duration. When the timer finishes it will make one chime sound (make sure you have your volume turned up).